August Enrollment Ends In

Enrollment Has Ended. Please Contact Us for Other Options.

Online Plans

Our online plans offer everything our Hybrid Plans do without the in-person aspect! Allowing you to thrive towards your fitness goals with the flexibility of when and where you want through a blend of custom built workout plans, nutrition coaching, and full support and access to your coach. These plans allow you the flexibility of working out on your own schedule and the accountability and confidence of knowing exactly what to do, so you never have to guess.

Online Basic

$ 150
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • OR Nutrition Coaching
  • RevFit App Account
  • Email & Message Support
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Chats

Online Plus

$ 210
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • RevFit App Account
  • Email & Message Support
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Chats

Online Premium

$ 270
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Weekly Video Check-ins
  • RevFit App Account
  • Email & Message Support
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Chats

Please Note: Billing does not begin until the 1st of the coming month!

Plan Features

Custom Workout Plan

We work with you to create a plan centered around your goals, equipment, availability, and existing injuries. Know exactly what to do and when with our proven approach to progression that keeps you seeing results and away from dreaded plateaus!

Nutrition Coaching

Our unique approach allows you to get away from “yo-yo dieting” and “binge eating” and instead make lasting changes and best of all - you don’t have to stop eating the things you enjoy. This is a must-have if you're looking to supercharge your results and lifestyle.

Weekly Video Check-ins

Keep doubt away, get more in-depth answers to your questions and gain an extra dose of accountability with a 15-minute live video check-in with your coach every week via Zoom or Google Meet. Great if you thrive off of more frequent guidance and check-ins.

RevFit App Account

A powerhouse for accessing your plan and staying connected. Track body stats, progress photos, and workout performance with built-in exercise videos to show you proper form. Syncs with popular apps like FitBit, Apple Watch, and MyFitnessPal.

Email & Message Support

Arguably the most important element of your plan. When questions go unanswered they breed doubt which is a huge motivation killer. Enjoy open communication with your coach and get your questions answered via email or the built-in messenger in the RevFit app.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Social camaraderie has been proven, in many studies, to be a key element of success for reaching and maintaining health & fitness goals. So we've created a safe space for you to collaborate with other, like-minded, clients who "get it" and who are on similar journeys.

Weekly Live Chats

We go Live each week to deep-dive into specific topics that will help you go further, faster, with your results or to provide an additional platform to answer questions in real-time. An additional benefit of having access to an exclusive Facebook group.

how it works


Choose Your Package - the one that best fits your fitness goals, desired level of support, and training needs.


Receive Your Plan - Your coach will develop your custom plan which you will receive access to on the 1st of the coming month (billing will also be processed on the 1st).


Get Results - Stay consistent with your plan which your coach makes easy to do by providing support and accountability along the way.

Frequently asked questions

Your payment will be processed on the 1st of the upcoming month. 

Yes, our packages will automatically continue monthly until you decide to stop them. We encourage all clients to make a self commitment of at least 3 months to a plan. This gives enough time to have habits changing, workouts working, and you seeing results. 


You will receive your custom plan and nutrition coaching starting on the 1st of the coming month. You will also be able to schedule your sessions for the upcoming month – either directly with your coach or via a link.

We would hate to see you go! But if you decide that’s for the best then you will be able to cancel your training plan in your “My Account dashboard” or you can reach out to us and we would be happy to do it for you. 

Canceling will not provide a refund of the current month and would apply to the next billing cycle (1st of the upcoming month).

Should you decide to cancel mid-month, you will still receive access to your account, training plan, and any sessions you’ve already paid for.

We do not have any contract based packages. 

As a courtesy we do ask that you give us a 1-month notice of cancellation, but again, this is a courtesy – not an obligation.

Our packages do automatically bill month to month and we do encourage new clients to make a self commitment to their plan for 3 months to get through the learning curve, change a few habits, and start enjoying results. 

Depending if you want a one-time session or an ongoing option we have you covered!

We offer Hybrid Plans for those that want to fuse both the flexibility of online coaching with the intensity of in-person training. Sessions within our Hybrid Plans are offered at a special rate.

We also offer one-time sessions. If this option fits you better then please contact your coach for current rates and availability. 

About Revolution Fitness

We are dedicated to providing flexible coaching options, staying away from industry B.S., and coaching clients to focus on the things that matter most for lifestyle change and crushing fitness goals.