Eat What You Want + NO Cardio?

We help working moms over 30 tone up, lose fat, and feel sexy & confident both in and out of their clothes!

flexible eating

Enjoy having a few drinks and even going out to dinner with the girls or for date night, without guilt, while still making progress towards your goals!


Clayton is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and strength training. He listens to the client’s needs and tailors an individualized program to suit their goals. He provides accountability to make sure that clients are getting the maximum value possible and are seeing results.


Kristen Koch

Client Since 2017

Getting Started.
How It Works.

Connect With Your Fitness Coach

You tell us more about you, your fitness goals, struggles, and preferences. Then we use this information to create your custom workout and nutrition plan!

Start your custom fitness program

You get your custom workout and nutrition plan that shows you exactly when and what to do each day - taking away the guess work and leaving you with seeing results.

get personal coaching and support

We are with you every step of the way providing accountability, support, and making adjustments to your fitness plan when they're needed to keep you moving forward.

what to do and when.
no more guesswork.

Your fitness plan goes with you wherever you go. You never need to worry about knowing what to do and when. The RevFit App tells you what to focus on each day.

Our built-in video library will take the guesswork out of unknown exercises. With a simple tap you’ll be able to watch the exercise performed and key points to watch for.

Interested in tracking progress? Now you can track workouts, exercises, cardio, body metrics, progress photos, you name it! You’ll always have an idea of how you’re doing!

We integrate with wearable technologies like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Withings and other apps such as MyFitnessPal to bring a powerhouse of tools and convenience to your fingertips.

Get your questions answered and support when you need it with the built-in messenger you can stay in open communication with your coach (something most in-person trainers can’t offer).

About Revolution Fitness

We are dedicated to providing flexible coaching options, staying away from industry B.S., and coaching clients to focus on the things that matter most for lifestyle change and crushing fitness goals.

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